Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi City Municipality urges all contractors, consultants, and personnel in the construction domain to strictly adhere to environment, health, and safety protocols when operating tower cranes. They emphasize compliance with the prevailing Abu Dhabi Emirate regulations and insist on rigorous inspections to ensure tower crane safety. Implementing these guidelines is non-negotiable, given the resultant benefits for onsite worker safety, neighboring buildings, and overall community well-being.
This initiative was part of an inspection and educational campaign that spanned five days, led by the municipality's Environment, Health, and Safety Department. The campaign's core objectives were to bolster safety measures regarding tower crane operations, prioritize worker safety, and protect surrounding community spaces and properties, both public and private.
Moreover, the campaign accentuated the imperative of a hazard-free work setting within the construction sector. It set ambitious targets, aiming to diminish crane-related mishaps by a complete 100% and escalate adherence to tower crane safety norms amongst construction stakeholders. The overarching goal is to ensure that every entity in the construction landscape observes 100% of the tower crane safety directives.
The municipality clarified various critical safety criteria for tower crane operation. Notably, the crane or its components shouldn't extend beyond the site's boundaries, third-party technical inspection certifications for the crane are a must, periodic upkeep by specialized firms is required, and lights for the crane are essential.
Continually, the municipality enforces an annual inspection and awareness scheme, encouraging tower crane operators to champion top-tier safety standards. This effort mirrors the municipality's unwavering dedication to upholding the pinnacle of environment, health, and safety standards across all Abu Dhabi construction sites.

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