Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi City Municipality ensures educating and raising the awareness of all community groups regarding the importance of planting and increasing green spaces, due to its positive effects on the healthy environment and the general aesthetic appearance. The municipality also works on organizing many training workshops, initiatives, and events for the community for planting week, hoping to encourage people to take on planting.
In that spirit, through the City Planning Sector - Environment, Health, and Safety Department, and in collaboration with ADNOC School In Al Ruways, Abu Dhabi City Municipality organized a workshop for school students between 11-16 years old, aiming to raise their awareness on the importance of the role planting plays in building a healthy environment, reinforcing agriculture, and rooting the principals of planting in the hearts of everyone.
During this event, the students were introduced to green roof systems and how municipality roofs were planted, which as so much benefit as it aims to utilize spaces without arable soil, such as rooftops, by using the hydroponics system, which is one of many sustainable methods that contribute to environmental development and preserving its resources.
Furthermore, students were educated on the purposes and benefits of the hydroponics system, for example: plants help in reducing energy consumption and heat absorption, insulating heat for buildings, reducing the gas emissions from global warming and air pollution, recycling gray water in the building to use it the hydroponics system, and reducing the use of fertilizers and pesticides since the system does not need them. And lastly, plants act as a natural air purifier and filter.

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