Abu Dhabi

With a commitment to preserving public spaces and curbing unregulated constructions in residential zones across Abu Dhabi Island, Abu Dhabi City Municipality, via the City Municipality Center, launched a comprehensive field campaign spanning five consecutive days. This initiative primarily targeted landlords and tenants within the center's jurisdiction, focusing on pinpointing infractions related to unauthorized constructions and developments both internally and externally without requisite building permits.
Throughout this campaign, the municipality's inspectors undertook extensive field visits across Abu Dhabi Island. Their focus was to identify signs of unauthorized partitions and unit constructions, both inside and outside buildings, that deviated from approved permits. Such infractions not only escalate the population density without justification but also mar the city's aesthetic appeal, adversely impacting the environment, public health, and safety.
The overarching objective of monitoring these transgressions is to counteract unsystematic constructions, commonly understood as the erection of small, unlicensed rooms sanctioned by the municipality, utilized for habitation against set regulations, with a profit motive. These constructions often neglect established security and safety standards, defy common social practices and aesthetics, and contradict public decency standards. The municipality’s vigilant oversight ensures the city remains an emblem of cleanliness and sustainability, devoid of random and uncultured alterations.

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