Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi City Municipality has invited all engineers in the building and construction domain within Abu Dhabi Emirate to enroll in the new engineering registration system via the "TAMM" platform. This registration will provide them with credentials necessary to interact with pertinent governmental bodies, including the various emirate municipalities. It has been underscored by the municipality that contracting entities and engineering consultancy agencies should upload digital versions of these engineering registration cards for all building and construction related activities. Moreover, the plans should indicate the designing engineer based on their expertise.
This announcement was part of a sequence of training sessions initiated by the City Planning Sector, in collaboration with the Department of Classification and Registration of Professions, throughout this year's third quarter. The intent was to bolster communication with stakeholders and update them about new advancements that facilitate their operational needs while ensuring compliance with rules governing engineering vocations.
Aimed at Abu Dhabi-based engineers, contracting businesses, and engineering consultancy offices, these sessions were designed to guide attendees on the simplified process of registering on the "TAMM" platform.
For further clarity on the classification process on TAMM, the municipality directed individuals to the official website of the Department of Municipalities and Transport. Updated user guides for both classification and professional registration services on the TAMM platform can be accessed there.
In these workshops, the organizing team showcased visual aids detailing the engineering registration prerequisites and steps. They provided clarity on how one can apply for engineering profession registration via the TAMM platform and even presented examples of necessary documentation for the application. Furthermore, the team addressed queries posed by participants.
The comprehensive workshop agenda included sessions on contracting company classifications, an informative session on the engineering consultancy office classification system, and another on the procedure for engineering registrations.

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