Abu Dhabi

In pursuit of establishing an optimal healthy environment, preserving the overall appearance from various distortions, amplifying the role of social responsibility to contribute toward achieving these objectives, and strengthening community self-commitment in elevating public cleanliness in residential neighborhoods, Abu Dhabi City Municipality, via Al Shahama Municipality Center, conducted a cleaning campaign for lanes and random trees in the city of Al Samha. This initiative was executed in collaboration with the Abu Dhabi Waste Management Company.
The campaign unfolded over ten consecutive days, focusing on cleaning lanes and corridors in the residential neighborhoods of Al Samha, removing waste, and addressing random plant growth. Municipality employees worked diligently throughout the campaign to educate community members, emphasizing the importance of preserving the environment and maintaining the general appearance. Moreover, they highlighted the necessity to keep residential neighborhoods and lanes clean to foster an ideal, healthy environment for all.
The campaign also encompassed sending text messages to Al Samha residents and disseminating numerous awareness publications through the municipality's official social media accounts and the "Freejna" application. This effort aimed to educate community members about the importance of maintaining a clean, healthy environment and preserving the overall appearance within residential neighborhoods.

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