Abu Dhabi

The Abu Dhabi City Municipality called on community members not to plant large or tall trees that would block street lighting, in order to preserve the general appearance and not obstruct lighting.
This came during the joint awareness campaign carried out by the Abu Dhabi City Municipality, represented by the Sub-Municipal Operations Sector, to clarify the impact of planting trees on the level of lighting in streets, public facilities and others, with the aim of informing society of the importance of adhering to the required standards regarding maintaining the required level of lighting, and not affecting the size of trees on lighting or blocking it. .
The Abu Dhabi City Municipality, through its sub-municipalities, urged the community to ensure the importance of providing requirements for tree lengths and sizes, ensuring that they are compatible with lighting requirements in public facilities, and choosing tree types that do not constitute an obstacle or obstacle to lighting in its various forms.
The four-day campaign was keen to implement field awareness tours, as well as invest in the municipality’s official platforms to send awareness messages and broadcast bulletins in this regard with the aim of enhancing community awareness regarding tree planting standards and their impact on lighting.

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