Abu Dhabi

During the holy month of Ramadan, the Abu Dhabi City Municipality has organized several gatherings in its facilities across various cities. These events aim to enhance awareness of community responsibility towards preserving the Emirati identity and promoting cultural heritage among the younger generations during this auspicious month.
This initiative was launched in response to the community's desire to engage with the Ramadan atmosphere in diverse neighborhoods, while also enhancing communication among community members and offering them a retreat during Ramadan. Through these gatherings, participants had the opportunity to meet, form new friendships, and reinforce social connections, thus cultivating a competitive investment environment that supports productive families and youth projects. The gatherings included several notable activities:
Ramadan Markets, offering several stalls free of charge at each location, and were dedicated to productive families and youth projects. This arrangement allowed them to display and market their products, providing support and exposure.
The Ramadan gatherings also featured social sessions aimed at fostering acquaintanceship, exchanging conversations, and enjoying time together among community members.
Additionally, each Ramadan gathering was equipped with food trucks and cafes to cater to visitors' needs, alongside competitions, games, and a diverse array of cultural, religious, and sports activities. This created a competitive spirit and promoted healthy living throughout the holy month.
These gatherings and their unique events continued from March 15 to March 29, 2024, in the following locations: Khalifa City: Khalifa Square, Mohammed Bin Zayed City: Al-Angham Park, Rabdan: Rabdan Park, Al Wathbah: Al Wathbah Park, Al Bahia: Al Bahia Park.
Al Mushrif Market made its return for a second successive Ramadan season, driven by popular demand.
The gatherings were warmly welcomed by the community, earning praise from local residents. Visitor counts, as recorded daily, have shown a steady increase from the start. Encouraged by this positive response, the community has expressed a desire for these gatherings to be extended to more areas and become a regular feature.
And In keeping with the spirit of Ramadan, the Abu Dhabi City Municipality organized the "Ramadan Majlis" initiative in Khalifa Square through the Khalifa City Municipal Community Center. The initiative aims to strengthen communication with all segments of society, create a festive family atmosphere that contributes to everyone's happiness, support the projects of young Emirati entrepreneurs and productive families, and encourage community members to practice sports.
The initiative included various community events, sports, religious, and cultural competitions. Young entrepreneurs and productive families had the opportunity to showcase their products through 20 stalls allocated to the participating project owners. This allowed them to introduce their products and projects while benefiting from the public's feedback and developing them to meet different tastes and interests.
The initiative also included organizing three different sports tournaments for community members: volleyball, ballot, and jacaro. The participants competed enthusiastically and with sportsmanship, keeping up with the unique Ramadan atmosphere. In the end, the winners of each tournament were honored.
The initiative paid particular attention to food, with ten stalls offering the public a variety of dishes and hot and cold drinks to suit all tastes. It also included five food trucks offering dishes from local, Arab, and international cuisine, as well as a heritage kitchen corner serving traditional Emirati dishes loved by everyone since ancient times.

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