Abu Dhabi

The Abu Dhabi City Municipality, through its Strategic Planning and Performance Management Sector - Knowledge and Innovation Management, held a workshop for its employees in the Al Khamsin Hall of the municipality's main building under the theme "Mental Models." The workshop aimed to enhance the efficiency of the municipality's employees, equip them with the knowledge and skills they need within the framework of their work, and develop the appropriate skills that improve performance rates and increase productivity.
The speaker at the workshop defined a mental model as a mental construct that can be used to think, interpret, or take action more effectively. He explained that it is a type of internal coding or representation of external reality that is thought to play a key role in perception, thinking, and decision-making. He further stated that when we learn useful mental models, we gain power in the field that the model helps us understand, allowing us to think, interpret, or take action and make decisions more effectively.
The speaker discussed various topics related to mental models, emphasizing that they guide our thoughts and behaviors and aid in our understanding of life. He explained that mental models are essentially thinking tools, serving as shortcuts for thinking processes. Furthermore, mental models can help shape behavior, develop problem-solving approaches (like a personal algorithm), and assist in task completion.
It's important to note that this workshop introduces the nature and significance of mental models. It is a precursor to a series of similar workshops to continuously improve employee performance at the organizational level. These workshops will address employees' needs and enhance their efficiency, enabling them to develop their skills and excel in their work.

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