Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi City Municipality has successfully completed the installation of 4,800 illuminating geometric shapes, adorning the streets of Abu Dhabi Island and the outskirt cities within the geographical scope of the Municipality and its subsidiary centers. This initiative serves as a symbol of solidarity with community members in their celebration of the 52nd Union Day, creating an ambiance of joy and happiness for this cherished occasion held dear by Emiratis and residents alike.
Municipality teams have diligently installed thousands of illuminating shapes across numerous main roads, roundabouts, and bridges both on and outside Abu Dhabi Island. Notable locations include Abu Dhabi Corniche Street and major highways like Al Khaleej Al Arabi Street, Sheikh Zayed Street, and Airport Street. Additionally, other outskirts cities under the Municipality’s administration have also been adorned with these illuminations.
The designs of the decorative pieces were diverse yet harmonious, together creating a unified artistic expression. They symbolize the nation's high spirit and unity, as well as the joy of Emiratis and residents in celebrating National Day. The installation included 4,800 shapes: 120 3D shapes installed at ground level, 120 3D ascending shapes, 1,500 shapes representing the number '52' to mark the Union's Anniversary, and 320 illuminating strings hung along the streets, resembling curtains of light that adorn various streets and bridges.
This year's decoration stands out for its 3D shapes that illuminate in white, accented by thin green strings. Additionally, a mobile vertical illumination featuring the United Arab Emirates Flag colors (red, green, and white) has been installed. Complementing these are thousands of flashers installed on the lighting geometric shapes, adding to the festive ambiance.
The illuminating panels featured a variety of phrases and words celebrating this memorable occasion. The geometric shapes displayed several texts of celebration, including phrases like “The flag has lived oh our Emirates!”, “Long live the unity of our Emirates lives”, “Long Live My Country”, “Our Power is Our Honor”, “Our Safe Land”, and “We Shall Protect You with Our Souls, My Country”, among other words related to this occasion. Additionally, shapes representing the country’s emblem, flag, and traditional Emirati elements such as eagles, horses, monumental buildings, and old castles were also widespread.
To achieve this, teams from the Abu Dhabi City Municipality meticulously ensured that the decorations and illuminating shapes were consistent and harmonious in terms of sizes and dimensions. They also took into consideration the space of the streets to maintain the safety of drivers and pedestrians. Furthermore, the decorations were designed to be ecologically friendly, made from high-quality insulating materials, and built to be resistant to weather conditions and changes, ensuring their safety and durability.

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