Abu Dhabi

Through its Environment, Health, and Safety Department, Abu Dhabi City Municipality spearheaded an awareness workshop to heighten awareness on occupational safety and health standards for stakeholders in the building and construction industry. This workshop was tailored for Arabic-speaking construction personnel, along with contractors and consulting agencies.
This workshop aligns with the Abu Dhabi City Municipality's commitment to actively engage and collaborate with every group involved in the building and construction industry. The objective is to elevate their understanding and appreciation of foundational safety and health standards, ensuring a secure and health-promoting workplace for all.
Furthermore, the workshop sought to acquaint newly established construction-related entities with the intricacies of the Abu Dhabi Occupational Safety and Health System. This covered the system's overarching framework, its structural hierarchy, and the mandated roles and responsibilities based on risk assessment. The workshop also delved into the digital components of the system, particularly detailing the protocol for incident reporting and the submission of essential documents digitally, in compliance with Abu Dhabi's occupational health and safety regulations.

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