Abu Dhabi

In alignment with World Heart Day, Abu Dhabi City Municipality has emphasized the significance of maintaining a balanced and nutritious diet for construction workers, aiming to promote heart health and ward off potential heart-related ailments. The initiative stems from the adverse effects of unhealthy lifestyle practices that can jeopardize heart health.
This directive was a part of an instructive workshop, spearheaded by the Environment, Health, and Safety Department in association with Aster Hospital. The workshop was staged at a construction site in Abu Dhabi and was specifically designed to enlighten workers about cardiovascular wellness.
The event, timed with World Heart Day, underscored the municipality's commitment to connecting with the labor community. The primary focus was to instill healthy dietary habits that not only
safeguard workers' health but also elevate their knowledge in this domain. Activities during this event included imparting vital heart-related medical advice and conducting cardiac screenings for several construction site workers.
The municipality ardently advised construction workers about the potential hazards that can lead to heart diseases and atherosclerosis. The emphasis was on mitigating heart disease risks, recognizing the value of regular health check-ups, adhering to beneficial dietary practices, and fostering a health-centric lifestyle.
Additionally, workers were strongly advised to abstain from smoking, maintain an ideal weight, and circumvent undue stressors that might induce hypertension or diabetes. The workshop further highlighted the benefits of dedicating at least 30 minutes a day to physical exercise, underscoring its positive impact on heart health.

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