Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi City Municipality urged owners, tenants, and employees of properties and commercial shops to adhere to means of maintaining public cleanliness and a healthy environment, and the importance of disposing of waste in the designated containers in an appropriate manner. Those practices aim to enhance the civilized and aesthetic appearance of the city while preserving the cleanliness of Abu Dhabi's environment.
This was part of a five-day field campaign that the Municipality conducted for five consecutive days through sub-centers and Al Tawajud Al Baladi centers in all areas falling under its jurisdiction as part of the Department of Municipalities and Transportation's "Umm Saeed" initiative. This initiative was aimed at preserving the city’s aesthetic appearance and enhancing the quality of life.
Abu Dhabi City Municipality, through the City Municipality Center, Al Shahama Municipality Center, Mussafah Municipality Center, Zayed City Municipality Center, Al Wathba Municipality Center, and Al Tawajud Al Baladi centers, implemented field campaigns targeting owners and tenants of properties and shops falling within the jurisdiction of each center. The campaigns aimed to raise awareness about the importance of properly disposing of waste in designated containers, as well as the necessity of maintaining public cleanliness and adhering to the laws governing public appearance in the emirate.
The Municipality's inspectors were keen to raise awareness and urge owners and tenants to play their societal role in preserving the general appearance and healthy environment in order to preserve the safety of everyone. During the campaigns, the Municipality's inspectors also monitored the violating residential units and shops, raised awareness among their residents and tenants, and communicated by phone with the owners of the properties to alert the workers and residents of the importance of adhering to the preservation of the environment and the general appearance, and not disposing of any waste except in designated containers.
The campaigns also involved sharing several awareness posts through the Municipality's official accounts on social media platforms and the “Freejna” application. Additionally, educational text messages were sent to the targeted groups of the campaign to raise awareness.
To that end, Abu Dhabi City Municipality emphasizes that disposing of waste in designated containers enhances the civilized and aesthetic appearance of the city in all areas, and contributes significantly to preserving the environment from the proliferation and spread of insects that are harmful to the safety of community members. Additionally, it reflects a refined and civilized behavior, indicating the culture and awareness of all segments and individuals of the society about the importance of preserving the public appearance of the areas they inhabit or the public places they frequent.

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