Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi City Municipality organizes the (Abu Dhabi is Beautiful) event through its sub-centers: City Municipality Center, Al Shahama Municipality Center, Madinat Zayed Municipality Center, and Musaffah Municipality Center, In cooperation with a number of strategic partners, represented by: Zayed Higher Organization for People of Determination, Emirates Foundation for School Education (Al Bateen School), Rosewood Hotel, Friends of the Environment Society., with the aim of raising awareness among community members about the importance of preserving the general appearance, and promoting sustainability and quality of life standards.
In cooperation with Tadweer Group and a number of schools, the City Municipality Center organized educational workshops in Dalma Park. The workshops targeted school students and park visitors to raise awareness about the importance of preserving the city's general appearance and reducing deformities and negative phenomena. The workshops also aimed to raise awareness about the importance of preserving greenery and natural beauty elements in parks and public facilities.
Al Shahama Municipality Center, in collaboration with the Emirates Zoo and Al Salam School, organized a similar event at Al Rahba Square to promote the concept of sustainability among school students. The event included a workshop on recycling some waste and how to turn it into pieces of paper that can be decorated or colored, and how to use waste in ways that contribute to preserving the environment and the general appearance.
On its part, the Zayed City Municipality Center organized an event in Rabdan Park in cooperation with the Food Safety and Agriculture Authority, Rabdan School, Duruish bin Karam School, Malih School, and Baby Bird Nursery. The event aimed to promote community participation and raise awareness among school students and park visitors from the community about maintaining the city's appearance and reducing pollutants. During the event, an awareness paragraph, workshop, and competitions
Masdar City Municipality Center, in cooperation with ACAD Workers City, organized an event at Masdar Walk and the surrounding area of ACAD Workers City. The event included a lecture to raise awareness among workers and community members about the importance of preserving the environment and general appearance and about the importance of the Ghaf tree in the UAE. The workers also participated in planting many Ghaf seedlings.
Abu Dhabi City Municipality works continuously throughout the year through its sub-centers to organize events, initiatives and campaigns that aim to raise public awareness about ways to preserve the general appearance and the clean and healthy environment in all areas within its geographical scope. These are accompanied by sending text messages and publishing awareness publications on the municipality's official accounts on social media to raise awareness among all target groups.

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