Abu Dhabi

The Abu Dhabi City Municipality urged residents, shopkeepers, artisans, and others to step up their community responsibilities towards safeguarding the environment and the general aesthetic, to adhere to correct and sanitary waste disposal practices, and to desist from randomly discarding waste, as part of their roles and responsibilities in enhancing the city's visual appeal and securing the community's health.
This initiative was part of the awareness drive initiated by the Madinat Zayed Municipality Center in Rabdan area of Abu Dhabi, furthering the persistent efforts aimed at strengthening community involvement in preserving the environment and maintaining the urbane look of the cities.
The municipality stressed to the store owners the importance of abiding by healthy routines in line with environmental values, and the standards of general aesthetic relating to waste disposal, and to cease discarding waste in front of stores completely, in order to ensure public health and improve the visual attractiveness of the city streets and public and private facilities.
The municipality inspectors and the campaign implementation team made a concerted effort to educate store owners and community members on the proper disposal of all forms of waste. They provided an in-depth explanation about the harmful effects on the environment and the city's aesthetic appeal, and clarified the community's role in this regard and the responsibilities of its members. They emphasized that the protection of the environment and enhancing the beauty and cleanliness of public amenities is a collective responsibility. They also clarified the repercussions of violating laws encouraging commitment to environmental protection and general aesthetics by providing advice and guidance and cautioning them about the significance of avoiding such violations.

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