Abu Dhabi

The Public Health Department of Abu Dhabi City Municipality has achieved significant and exceptional progress during the first half of 2023. The department has focused on raising health awareness among the community and adhering to international standards in inspection, control, and the implementation of laws and regulations. These efforts aim to protect the well-being of community members and enhance public health. The municipality has implemented a rigorous and continuous inspection and control plan, targeting service facilities directly related to the health and safety of the community. This includes barbershops, beauty centers, children's barbershops, laundry and ironing facilities, workshops, gyms, toilets, swimming pools, slaughterhouses, and other service outlets that require the highest health standards to ensure the safety of the community and provide excellent services in accordance with Abu Dhabi's laws and regulations.
During the first half of this year, Abu Dhabi's slaughterhouses successfully processed a total of 309,903 carcasses. Al Shahama automated slaughterhouse processed 92,525 carcasses, the Al Wathba automated slaughterhouse processed 20,866 carcasses, the Abu Dhabi automated slaughterhouse processed 76,472 carcasses, and the Bani Yas slaughterhouse processed 120,040 carcasses.
Simultaneously, the Public Health Department conducted 73,095 inspection campaigns on all facilities under the jurisdiction of Abu Dhabi City Municipality. These inspections included 37,250 visits to beauty and personal care centers, 11,473 visits to repair and maintenance workshops, 8,675 visits to laundry and ironing facilities, 9,969 visits to toilets and building controls, 4,240 visits to gyms and children's entertainment centers, and 1,488 visits to closed cemeteries.
Additionally, during this period, the Public Health Department successfully fulfilled the requirements for adopting the food safety system ISO 22000. The department also held productive meetings with several national and regional institutions. Notably, the municipality welcomed a delegation from the Omani Dhofar Municipality, which assessed the services provided by Abu Dhabi's slaughterhouses.

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