Abu Dhabi

Altawajud Albaladi – Khalifa City successfully organized a community entertainment event titled "Splash tawajud " at Khalifa Square in Khalifa City. The main objective of this event was to bring joy and entertainment to residents while expanding the range of entertainment options available for families. It aimed to create an environment where children, in particular, could experience happiness and enjoyment.
This event demonstrates the commitment of Altawajud Albaladi - Khalifa City to enhance the quality of life for residents. By diversifying programs and events, the center aims to improve community communication and maximize the utilization of its facilities to serve and bring happiness to the community members.
The "Splash tawajud " event featured various entertainment activities and a vibrant atmosphere tailored for children and families in Khalifa City. It included exciting water games, an outdoor cinema, food trucks, and captivating shows featuring beloved cartoon characters.
It is worth noting that Altawajud Albaladi employed a creative marketing and advertising strategy to promote the event. Prior to the event, ice cream carts were deployed to distribute free ice cream to the residents of Khalifa City, particularly children. This served as a way to inform them about the date and location of the "Splash tawajud " event and invite them to attend and enjoy the entertainment programs and activities. The interactive and healthy environment provided a wonderful opportunity for families to strengthen their bonds and build beautiful community connections. The residents of the city warmly received and appreciated this idea, actively engaging with the event, ultimately contributing to its success in achieving both its societal and entertainment goals.

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