Abu Dhabi Municipality (ADM), through the Infrastructure and Municipality Assets Sector, has completed the project of Infrastructure Assets Data Survey Project (Road Networks) within the administrative boundaries of Abu Dhabi Municipality and its geographical scope and jurisdiction. The project aims to to update the spatial database of assets and their condition, which helps proper planning of maintenance work and activities and setting priorities to raise the efficiency of infrastructure assets and provide the best infrastructure services to the public and road users and maintain the safety of society.
In this respect, ADM completed the survey of road pavement (13,400 lane - km). The project also included surveying other assets of roads, including 129,000 traffic signs, 146,100 lighting poles, approximately 11,000,000 m2 pedestrian paths, around 3,363,000m barriers and metal fences, and nearly 11,400 Pedestrian zone, 1,100 road signs in addition to speed reducers, bumps, marks and road signs.
The infrastructure and municipality assets sector developed the foundations and methodologies of the survey in accordance with international practices to ensure the quality of roads and infrastructure, improve the public appearance and maintain the roads of Abu Dhabi City.

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