Abu Dhabi City Municipality (ADM), represented by Zayed City Municipal Center, has completed a development and beautification project of the median strip of Abu Dhabi - Al Ain road for a distance extending between Al Maqta Bridge and Umm Al Nar Bridge.
This project is part of the ADM’s move aiming to enhance the general beauty of the city, rehabilitate its facilities in line with its aesthetic and civilized nature, and achieve integration in the city's appearance to reflect the harmony between the components of the area and its surroundings. 
The project reflects the continuous efforts of the Abu Dhabi government to develop entrances of Abu Dhabi city and its surrounding internal and external areas. As part of such move, ADM has completed a project for developing the median strip of Abu Dhabi - Al Ain road before Al Maqta Bridge and towards Abu Dhabi island in Umm Al Nar Area, opposite the Police Museum. Landscaping works have been carried out along 1480 meters, covering over 3700 square meters. Such works added an aesthetic touch to the entrance of the capital, enhancing the psychological well-being of road users and pedestrians. Green areas containing flowers, soil covers, and palm trees have been provided. In addition, an irrigation system has been installed to maintain such plants. Hard landscaping elements have also been introduced, such as white pebbles, which are integrated with the scenery and show contrast in colors, to accentuate the elements used in the landscaping works.  
ADM noted that it took into consideration the compatibility of the design with the surrounding environment. ADM also considered the safety element, as it used low-maintenance plants due to its location in the median strip at the entrance of Abu Dhabi island. Flowers of different colors have been chosen to add joy to the place. ADM changes the flowers every season and cares for them regularly. 
It should be noted that ADM used over 481 cubic meters of natural white pebbles, 1904 square meters of soil covers, and 1652 square meters of seasonal flowers in this project and planted 31 palm trees and ornamental trees along the targeted area.

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