Abu Dhabi City Municipality (ADM), through Infrastructure and Municipal Assets Sector – Department of Earthwork and Quarries – has paved the following five quarries, which are: Al Adla Quarry, South Al Fayyah Quarry, Al Haffar Quarry, Kizad B Quarry, and North Al Fayyah Quarry where 412,770 square meters were paved with total revenue amounting to 41,141,298 dirhams.
Through such works, which were carried out from January 2020 to May 30, 2020, the urban projects located within the administrative boundaries of ADM were provided with 2,073,170 cubic meters of gravels and 374,260 cubic meters of sand.
For his part, Eng. Issa Al Attas, head of Department of Earthwork and Quarries at the Infrastructure and Municipal Assets Sector said that the paved area in Al Adla Quarry reached 51,382 square meters; 171,791 square meters in South Al Fayyah Quarry; 13,743 square meters in Al Haffar Quarry; 126,664 square meters in Kizad B Quarry; and 49,090 square meters in North Fayyah Quarry.
He added that the pavement is carried out without any financial costs through the uploading and moving of the earthworks from the quarries approved by the Municipality and benefit from the materials resulting from the digging above the need of various urban projects.

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