Abu Dhabi City Municipality, which is affiliated to the Department of Municipalities and Transport through the Municipality of the City Center - Control and Inspection Department, spread 200 temperature measuring devices to the guards of several buildings in Al Dana area in Abu Dhabi, in addition to 200 awareness posters in five languages, as part of the application of preventive measures to confront the Coronavirus The Novel - COVID19, to educate building guards about precautionary measures and guidelines approved by the responsible authorities for the prevention and reduction of the spread of the Coronavirus.

The posters distributed to the building guards included slogans and guidance for the precautionary measures that must be followed to prevent coronavirus in several languages: (Arabic, English, Urdu, Filipino, and Chinese) as well as presenting symptoms of the virus infection and ways to prevent it, in addition to providing
building guards with contact numbers to report any doubted cases of the virus.

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