Through the Mussafah Municipality Center (MMC), the Abu Dhabi City Municipality launched a telecommuting e-campaign, titled “Preserving the Aesthetic Appearance of the Façades," targeting landlords, investors and individuals in the areas within the MMC’s geographical range that encompasses the areas of Mussafah Industrial City, Mafraq Industrial Area, Al-Dhabiya and Hamim.
In line with the Abu Dhabi Government’s strategy for electronic and smart transition in a bid to accomplish relevant national indicators in all circumstances, the Campaign aims to develop telecommuting mechanisms in the MMC, to educate community members on the importance of complying with the laws of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi for preserving the overall appearance of façades, to enhance communication with all segments and brackets of the community, and to provide diversified communal and outreach services that contribute in the preservation of the environment, health, and safety.
During the Campaign, Abu Dhabi City Municipality has been addressing outreach emails to various community brackets, including inter alios – landlords, investors, and individuals. These emails have incorporated outreach phraseologies in the Arabic, English and Urdu languages, urging compliance with laws to preserve the façades of buildings for enhancing the aesthetic appearance of the cities of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.
The Campaign comes within the e-plan of action, which has been developed by the MMC since the first quarter of this year to preserve the overall appearance, and through which the MMC has been endeavoring to launch many telecommuting outreach campaigns that have contributed in raising the awareness of community members and educating them vis-à-vis the laws.

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