Interacting with the direction of the great leadership in UAE, the Municipality of Abu Dhabi City of the Department of Municipalities and Transport, in collaboration and coordination with the Emirates Red Crescent Authority, launched the "Eid clothing" initiative under "Your Homes Light Up Their Sky", the proceeds of which are allocated to orphans and needy families, through the municipality's internal channels and accounts by various social media for remote donation.

The initiative aims to enhance cooperation between the municipality and the strategic partners on achieving community-based initiatives that contribute to the happiness of community members and provide support to orphans and needy families, in addition to recommending the spirit of social solidarity in the hearts of the municipality's employees.

Donations of municipality employees and community members are received "remotely" via SMS and the website (bank account) through the following link: l after following a few simple steps to complete the donation process, where everyone can donate according to his/her capabilities, with any amount he/she wants, whether it is a simple or a large amount.

It should be noted that the initiative launched by the municipality will continue during the holy month of Ramadan to receive donations from the municipality employees and community members through the site allocated to it, where the donations are automatically transferred to the Emirates Red Crescent's accounts to be allocated for the Eid clothing for orphans and needy families.

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