Abu Dhabi

DMT's unwavering commitment to the emirate’s image by launching the Smart inspection vehicle during its participation at GITEX Global 2023.


With plans to deploy more than 40 Smart Inspection Vehicles by 2024, this milestone not only exemplifies technological advancement but also underlines Abu Dhabi's dedication to creating safer roads and enhancing urban living.


Smart inspection vehicles harness AI-driven inspection capabilities powered by a range of cutting-edge technologies and services. These vehicles provide real-time detection of asset distortions, contributing to more effective city maintenance. They also play a crucial role in maintaining city cleanliness by identifying waste and litter, thereby promoting efficient urban management and cleaner public spaces. Moreover, these vehicles are designed to support comprehensive urban management, enabling them to detect various types of city distortions. One of their standout features is their adaptive AI model, which learns and evolves to recognize different types of distortions, making them a truly advanced solution tailored for the evolving needs of modern cities.


These innovations address issues such as broader inspection coverage, reduced response time, efficient scheduling, improved city management, heightened satisfaction, and cost savings.


On the occasion, HE. Salem Al Kaabi, Director General of Operations Affairs said: "Embracing the power of artificial intelligence and advanced technologies, DMT is revolutionising its approach to comprehensive inspections. By integrating sensors, cameras, and machine learning, we're advancing our ability to analyse distortions and conditions like never before.


HE. Added: “at GITEX Global 2023, we stand at the forefront of a new era in technological advancement and innovation within DMT. With the support of industry leaders, innovators, and global experts, DMT is driving positive change, ensuring a brighter and more efficient future for our city."

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