Annual Report on Community Responsibility (2016-2017)

This report is part of ongoing community service programs and initiatives for which we work and to highlight our commitment to supporting and consolidating the principles of community responsibility in order to achieve the highest standards of social responsibility. Responsibility and commitment to ethical principles in all our work. It also directly reflects our determination to fulfill our various societal obligations by assessing and improving community performance. This report is based on the results of indicators that. The Annual Report on Community Responsibility for the Municipality's activities and community activities is issued every year in anticipation of further activating the human, societal and national values and instilling them in the members of the society. It also reflects them in our behavior, our actions and our self-commitment towards our society and our homeland, as a means of supporting the project of comprehensive progress and sustainable development at all levels, We also look forward to working on expanding the map of our community partnerships and our interaction with events and events that highlight our role as a leading institution not only in terms of construction and physical development, but also in terms of psychological, ethical and moral construction.


Awareness Programs (let's Be - Social Echoes Program- Training and Development)

The " let's Be " program is a panel discussion aimed at employees of the Municipality of Abu Dhabi City to instill a culture and concepts of social responsibility and then to drop these concepts on the work and initiatives of their organizational units, each according to its competence. This " let's Be." was chosen to revive the positive meaning and the ability to achieve the strategy of social responsibility and even excellence in achieving it at the level of organizational units in the Municipality of Abu Dhabi City, which is shared by all sectors and departments of the municipality.

This initiative is implemented in three phases:

Phase 1: Targets first-grade leaders (general manager, executive directors, department and office directors, department heads, consultants)
The second stage: targets the leaders of the second row (heads of divisions and team officials and committees)
Phase III: Targets the general staff

Target: Communicate with the municipal work leaders to instill a culture of social responsibility and drop it on business and initiatives


Social Echoes Program for 2016-2017

An innovative program for civil society employees in Abu Dhabi, aims at instilling and strengthening the institutional culture of their social responsibility and awareness of modern concepts and developments of the initiatives undertaken by the Municipality of Abu Dhabi City on the subject through social media and internal electronic channels, consisting of 27 awareness messages and sent through General.

Training and Development

Training course on social responsibility:
(Concepts, applications, specifications and applications in the municipal system)

  • Community responsibility training course
  • Concepts Component Specifications Applications in municipal system 

First: Concepts:

  • Definition of community responsibility
  • Key concepts related to community responsibility
  • The stages of the development of social responsibility Why institutions adopt this Concept?
  • Benefits of adopting the concept of corporate social responsibility

Second: Ingredients:

  • the society
  • The environment
  • Workplace
  • Stakeholders

Third: Specifications:

  • Community Responsibility Guidelines 26,000

Fourth: Applications in the municipal system:

  • Pillars of the municipal social responsibility system
  • Community Responsibility Strategy in Abu Dhabi City Municipality
  • Municipal social responsibility initiatives
  • Social responsibility practices


Community Responsibility Newsletter

The Community Responsibility Newsletter is responsible for disseminating community responsibility initiatives at the level of the Municipality of Abu Dhabi City implemented by organizational units concerned by monitoring the practices, figures and data on a semi-annual basis and then highlighting them to employees, stakeholders and the local community with a view to applying transparency and facilitating access to relevant knowledge. Social responsibility, as well as promoting awareness of the culture and proper practices of the Initiative's axes, with a desire to motivate and encourage the initiators of the initiatives to continue to deliver more, social.


Voluntary Work Program

The initiative was launched by the Community Services Department - Community Responsibility Department - to build and empower voluntary initiatives in the Municipality of Abu Dhabi City and its local environment and to enhance the ethics and conduct of social responsibility among its employees and members of the surrounding community by providing diverse volunteer opportunities in cooperation with the concerned partners in the city. Giving, satisfaction and happiness. (5 December) at a ceremony held at the Municipal Theater in the presence of a representative from the United Nations Development Office (UNDP) in the UAE, the National Volunteer Program, the Emirates Volunteer Platform,

Abu Dhabi Police, the Abu Dhabi Sports Council, And the Special Olympics. The program aims to involve employees in the voluntary initiatives related to the activities and activities of the Municipality of Abu Dhabi City, in addition to the voluntary opportunities provided by the relevant partners in the volunteer work, according to the policy and plan

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