The guideline for developing of HSE Plan in Building and Construction Sector was prepared to comply with one of the main HSE requirements for building and construction permits through the electronic platform of building and construction permits, for the following objectives:
Guidance for all entities working in building and construction sector (contractors, consultants, and developers) for preparing and developing HSE plan for building, construction, and infrastructure projects. Provision of integrated data-base about the project for assisting the project management team to perform their tasks in a normal and emergency situation.
Explains all the responsibilities & roles of consultants, project management (contractor), and HSE team which contributes to the roles integration for the work sake.
Taking all appropriate preventive control measures for protecting workers, health and safety, and preserving the environment, through implementing risk assessment by proactive program not by reactive measures. This is can be done by project hazards identification and setting clear strategy for controlling risks by implementing control measures, precautions, and explicit instructions and guidelines for all workers, in addition to provision of appropriate HSE elements to avoid these risks & ensure provision of various appropriate welfare facilities for workers in projects sites.   
Adding many benefits to the concerned entities by assisting them to manage risks affecting safety, occupational health and environment, improving performance, reducing the costs of accidents and injuries, minimizing insurance premiums, increasing workers morale, and enhance their loyalty to their employers.   
This guideline helps the HSE practitioners in a scientific and practical manner for inspection, auditing, and monitoring the wrong practices via inspection & audit checklists by collecting these practices and setting appropriate corrective program for them.
To download the Guideline for Developing of HSE Plan in Building and Construction Sector; please click here
To browse the Classification List for HSE requirements of Building and Construction Permits; please click here

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