Abu Dhabi

To enhance high school students' comprehension of meteorological science and cloud seeding techniques, Al Tawajud Al Baladi Center - Baniyas orchestrated an educational event entitled "Our Sustainable Environment." The venture was in partnership with the National Center for Meteorology situated in Al Shawamekh City, the Emirates Schools Establishment, and Bani Yas City's Hamza Bin Abdul Muttalib School.
The event included a special trip for students from Hamza Bin Abdul Muttalib School to the National Center for Meteorology in Shawamekh City. There, they learned about the center’s functions and toured its facilities. The students explored the center's library and received information on weather systems worldwide. They also talked with weather experts about earthquakes, learning how they happen and how to deal with them, and about different aspects of weather, like changes in the atmosphere and ocean currents.
The session also focused on how cloud seeding works and the materials used. Students saw how the seeding planes and control center work together and looked at a model of a cloud seeding plane to learn about its parts. They also learned how weather is predicted for the next five days, including any expected weather events.
In the center's geodesic dome pavilion, students continued their learning with a look into how the Earth was formed and the study of volcanoes, learning what causes earthquakes. At the mobile station pavilion, they discovered how the station operates, the services it offers, and how it analyzes data, considering the local geography. This information is especially useful for industries like aviation and others.

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