Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi City Municipality, through the Sub-Municipalities Operations Sector – Musaffah Municipality Center, implemented the "Our City is Clean" event in cooperation with the Abu Dhabi Waste Management Company (Tadweer), Abu Dhabi Police, and Life Care Hospital.
This event aligns with the "Year of Sustainability" for 2023, as initiated by our forward-thinking government. Demonstrating the municipality's commitment to fostering an environmental-conscious community culture, the event aims to inspire residents, encourage agricultural practices, expand green coverage, and preserve the city's aesthetics from any form of degradation.
The event took place at the municipality's nursery and was attended by several school students. It featured the planting of diverse seedlings and emphasized the significance of environmental preservation. The initiative highlighted both the societal role and the combined responsibility of individuals and groups in safeguarding the environment, conserving resources, and preventing any degradation of the city's aesthetics.
In addition, the Abu Dhabi Police delivered an awareness lecture during the event on the significance of maintaining public hygiene in the city. They detailed positive practices that contribute to elevating the stature of our cities, highlighting the cleanliness and elegance of both public and private facilities.
The Abu Dhabi Waste Management Company (Tadweer) also played a pivotal role in enlightening participants about the significance of proper waste disposal in all its forms. They emphasized the need to adopt environmentally friendly methods and collaborate with relevant official authorities to continually enhance the cleanliness and beauty of the city's landscapes and facilities.
Similarly, Life Care Hospital played a crucial role in the event's success by offering medical support and awareness. Their specialized medical staff ensured the necessary logistical backing was in place.
The Musaffah Municipality Center conveyed its heartfelt thanks and appreciation to all its strategic partners for their invaluable support for the event.
It emphasized that their united efforts played a pivotal role in realizing the event's goals. These goals focused on elevating community awareness about the significance of environmental protection and establishing cleanliness as a fundamental attribute and hallmark of both public and private city facilities.

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