Abu Dhabi

In conjunction with International Youth Day, the Municipality of Abu Dhabi City, in collaboration with the Support services sector- Human Resources Department, has arranged a virtual workshop in partnership with "Himma Youth." The workshop aims to celebrate young individuals, foster the exchange of ideas across various topics, and emphasize the significance of developing youth skills that align with the principles of the green economy for achieving a sustainable world. The workshop also highlights the importance of green job skills and future skills.
During the workshop, the focus was on the significance of developing youth skills that are suitable for the green economy, a rapidly growing sector that offers new and sustainable employment opportunities. Areas such as renewable energy and natural resource management, innovation and economic development, striking a balance between the economy and the environment, and global competitiveness were discussed. It was emphasized that by nurturing these skills, young people can enhance their career prospects, contribute to sustainable development, environmental preservation, and make a valuable investment in the future.
The workshop delved into the skills required for green jobs, which encompass the abilities necessary for roles related to environmental conservation and sustainable development. These skills include knowledge of environmental issues, effective planning and organization, teamwork, problem-solving, continuous learning, technical proficiency, and strong communication skills.
Furthermore, the workshop shed light on the future skills that young individuals need to thrive in an ever-changing labor market. These skills encompass continuous learning, critical and creative thinking, effective communication and collaboration, data analysis and interpretation, adaptability and flexibility, problem-solving, leadership, self-management, as well as the ability to effectively engage with evolving technologies.

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