Abu Dhabi

In a dedicated commitment to safeguarding the city's visual appeal and the integrity of public amenities, Abu Dhabi City Municipality, through its urban centers including the City Municipality Center, Al Shahama Municipality Center, and Al Wathba Municipality Center, has initiated on-site awareness and inspection campaigns. These concerted efforts aim to uphold the pristine condition and healthful atmosphere of beaches, lands, and islands within each center's geographic scope, undertaken in collaboration with various strategic partners.
The campaigns, spanning five consecutive days, sought to enlighten beachgoers, and those on lands and islands, about the significance of upholding cleanliness and preserving the aesthetic beauty in line with the cultural renaissance Abu Dhabi is experiencing. The municipal teams endeavored to instill in community members the essence of adopting commendable practices when frequenting these facilities. This ensures that these sites maintain their aesthetic allure and offer a healthful environment, allowing visitors to enjoy rejuvenating and delightful recreational moments.
In its specific role, the City Municipality Center undertook targeted campaigns at locations such as Al Corniche Beach, Al Bateen Beach, Al Alia Island, and Al Halah Island. The objective was to guide visitors on preserving the sites' overall appeal by responsibly disposing of waste in assigned areas. Additionally, the emphasis was placed on the optimal utilization of these amenities, ensuring they persist as exemplary settings for leisure, offering tranquility and joy to everyone.
Similarly, Al Shahama Municipality Center orchestrated initiatives on Al Bahia Beach, Al Shalila Beach, and in Al Ajban and Al Bahia regions. These campaigns focused on enlightening beachgoers and residents in mainland areas about the importance of preserving the general aesthetics and environmental cleanliness, avoiding practices that mar the landscape or contribute to pollution. The initiatives also involved raising awareness about the detrimental consequences of waste accumulation in public spaces, which can escalate into breeding grounds for pests, thereby disrupting the ecological balance. This educational drive underscores the necessity of proactive public involvement in sustaining an inviting and hygienic ambiance in these communal spaces.
In a coordinated effort, Al Wathba Municipality Center launched a focused campaign in Bur Al Fayeh, Al Ramla Al Hamra, and near Al Wathba Park. The campaign educated visitors on the importance of good habits to keep these areas clean and healthy. It stressed adherence to cleanliness guidelines, aiming to preserve the land's natural state and reflect the community's dedication to environmental care.
The campaigns leveraged multiple communication strategies, including sending text messages to locals and posting on the municipality's social media and the "Freejna" app. These efforts, concentrated within each center's geographic scope, emphasized the community's role in keeping beaches, islands, and lands clean and safe, thereby ensuring a healthy environment for all.

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