Abu Dhabi

Al Tawajud Al Baladi Center (Municipal Community Center) – Khalifa City convened at the main Abu Dhabi City Municipality building in Abu Dhabi, in cooperation with 18 government and semi-government entities, for the Forum of Government, Semi-Government, and Private Entities. This gathering was structured within the framework of unifying visions and joint efforts to improve the quality of life and provide advanced services that are commensurate with the level of development witnessed by Khalifa City, in light of the continuous support and attention from the wise leadership to enhance and develop the city's facilities. This aims to fulfill societal aspirations in a highly urbanized residential environment and achieve all the values of happiness, contributing to the overall prosperity and growth of Khalifa City.
The (Forum of Government, Semi-Government, and Private Entities) epitomizes Al Tawajud Al Baladi Center's dedication to bolstering relations of cooperation, partnership, and communication with all stakeholders capable of elevating the quality of life of the populace. It underscores our commitment to enhancing services and diversifying service and recreational facilities to offer optimal and dynamic lifestyles that align with the needs and desires of the community, thereby fostering happiness amongst its members.
The forum emphasized establishing unity and congruity among the services of all participating entities, working in a singular spirit and unified direction to serve comprehensive development and society. It aimed at presenting solutions to all challenges and setting robust foundations for constructing additional structures and facilities that align with sustainability values and coincide with the economic activity and population growth in Khalifa City.
During the forum, Al Tawajud Al Baladi Center (Municipal Community Center) – Khalifa City overviewed significant organized events and outlined its upcoming programs aimed at promoting community happiness and diversifying community events. Numerous aspects were presented and discussed, including the operational mechanisms surrounding events, methods of addressing and engaging with the public, and a review of highly anticipated events. The forum emphasized enhancing cooperation with all stakeholders to realize a unified vision in the domain of community services across all sectors and disciplines.
During the forum, entities from government, semi-government, and the private sector presented a variety of propositions and concepts intended to bolster collaborative initiatives, refine services and amenities, and increase the diversity of community, sports, and cultural events within the city. They engaged in dialogues about innovating and suggesting distinctive community events and examined the feasibility of consolidating events among the various entities to reach the pinnacle of community contentment, and to provide multiple entertainment alternatives to please the residents.
Concerning the most anticipated outcomes of the forum, Al Tawajud Al Baladi Center (Municipal Community Center) asserted that this meeting, given the stature, influence, and significance of the participating entities, is anticipated to yield an advanced vision on numerous aspects. These include, for instance, devising a consolidated plan for events and initiatives across all entities in Khalifa City and formulating a mechanism to attain the aspired objectives in terms of community interaction in all domains and at every level.
The center highlighted that this forum is intended to serve as the foundational nucleus and the initiation for more analogous forums, reflecting the center's commitment to fostering cooperation and partnership relations with all concerned parties to better serve the community and visitors of the city.

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