Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi City Municipality implores all sectors and community members to uphold the overall aesthetic by refraining from leaving, storing, or positioning any prefab materials or structures (caravans), as well as abstaining from abandoning any goods or materials in public spaces, rooftops, or balconies, in ways that could hinder traffic, obstruct pedestrians, or mar the general appearance.
This appeal occurred during awareness field campaigns held by the Municipality for five unbroken days, through its subsidiary centers in Abu Dhabi Island, Zayed City, and Mussafah Industrial City. Here, the City Municipality Center initiated an awareness campaign on Abu Dhabi Island with the goal of enhancing consciousness among various community segments about the importance of preserving the city's overall aesthetic and avoiding leaving any hazardous or obstructive materials that could spoil the general appearance. Numerous awareness publications were disseminated via the municipality's official social media accounts and the "Freejna" application, and informative text messages were sent to community members within the center's scope.
Madinat Zayed Municipality Center also conducted an awareness campaign in Shakhbout City, Rabdan City, and Madinat Zayed, pertaining to the same subject. Here, municipality employees carried out field visits to various areas within the center's geographical scope, educating community members about maintaining the overall aesthetic, free from all distortions. This was supplemented by the publication of awareness materials through social media sites and the "Freejna" application, and the dissemination of SMS messages to residents of the targeted cities.
Likewise, Musaffah Municipality Center embarked on a similar campaign and field visits to all areas within the center's geographical scope. This included educating property owners, companies, and shops about the necessity of adhering to the enforced laws within the emirate to uphold the general aesthetic. This was achieved by avoiding leaving, storing, or positioning any prefab materials or structures (caravans), or abandoning any goods, materials, or other items in public spaces, thus preserving the overall aesthetic from any deformities and ensuring a clean environment and the health and safety of community members.

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