Abu Dhabi

During the current year, Abu Dhabi City Municipality welcomed delegations from 10 government entities from various emirates of the state. The purpose of these visits was to explore the best practices and experiences within the municipality, aiming to enhance communication and collaboration with government entities at the national level.
The municipality briefed the visiting delegations on the best practices followed internally to follow up on cases received from the Abu Dhabi Government Call Center system, as well as on the addressing system for the Unified Addressing and Spatial Guidance Project for the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.
The municipality reviewed the best practices it follows in the electronic system for managing institutional performance, managing partnerships, and internal excellence awards, and individual development plans for employees, as well as best practices in innovative projects, internal organizational policies, and the methods used to monitor the extent to which the entity’s tasks and work are consistent and disciplined with the award standards, and the mechanism used in managing Issues and investigations, the methodology used in preparing agreements and memorandums of understanding, and the mechanism for measuring the value added to them.
The municipality also briefed the visiting delegations on the work mechanism and procedures for the customer’s journey, and reviewed its best practices in obtaining the ISO 26000 social responsibility certificate and the social responsibility guide.
During the visits, experiences were exchanged with the visiting delegations in the field of advertising, the evidence, laws and decrees relied upon in regulating advertising were reviewed, mechanisms for submitting bids and coordination with relevant external parties were discussed, as well as a review of the municipality’s best practices in financial sustainability and the use of environmentally friendly materials.

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