Abu Dhabi

As part of the, the "Our Green Land" project to promote natural beauty. Abu Dhabi City Municipality initiated a The City Municipality Center collaborated with Basateen Garden Landscaping Company and the International Community School—Khalifa City Branch to plant trees on the Abu Dhabi Corniche.
The initiative aimed to increase awareness among school students and visitors to Abu Dhabi Corniche about the significance of agriculture. It aimed to highlight the role of agriculture in preserving the environment and reducing carbon emissions. The initiative also encouraged community members to get involved in agriculture to increase green spaces, enhance the city's aesthetic appearance, and keep up with the urban development witnessed in Abu Dhabi.
A group of municipal employees, strategic partners, recently collaborated on an initiative to plant dozens of saplings of Bougainvillea and Delonix regia trees along the Abu Dhabi Corniche beach. This project aimed to enhance the Corniche's scenic beauty, provide visitors with an enjoyable experience, and bring happiness and positive energy to the community.
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