Abu Dhabi

Carrying on its’ social message and aiming to create fun social events for all groups and ages, through Al-Wathba Municipality Center and in collaboration with a number of its’ strategic partners, Abu Dhabi Municipality organizes “Souq Al- Altaybeen” events in Al-Shamkha Square throughout 18th until 26th of November 2023, with the purpose of encouraging entrepreneurs with small and medium-sized enterprises, be it from Emirati and productive families, or communities residing in the UAE.
The market provides 20 platforms to showcase participating family products and enterprises, allowing everyone to present their products, ranging from handicrafts, perfumes, Dkhoon (scented wood-chips), women’s clothes (Stitches – Abayat) beauty products, in addition to different popular foods and dishes satisfying every taste. 
The events include multiple workshops to practice numerous cultural handicrafts such as Al Sadu, Al Talli, Khoos weaving.
The market embraces the entertaining side on a big scale, as all family members and children can enjoy the fun competitions hosted on the wooden stage, as well as face painting, clown and sleight of hand bits, and many more fun bits for kids. As well as a  Canine dogs show by the “K9 team” of the Public Security, marching bands, awareness workshops presented by Traffic Patrols and Civil Defense Forces.
Abu Dhabi Municipality also invites the people to visit the market and enjoy the fun workshops, events, and competitions which were carefully selected to provide a special family friendly atmosphere that will bring joy to all.

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