Abu Dhabi

The Abu Dhabi City Municipality, is launching the Innovation "Hackathon" to design an entertainment arena in the Riyadh region of Abu Dhabi. 
This initiative stems from a commitment to leverage innovative tools effectively and apply them at the municipal level to enhance the quality of inventive ideas and solutions. It aims to address challenges, accelerate achievements, and conceive designs for residential neighborhood squares with creative
concepts. The initiative seeks to enhance recreational facilities in the region, foster social interaction, and promote cultural activities to fulfill the recreational needs of the Riyadh region's residents. The goal is to establish a destination in the city of Riyadh that serves tourist, social, and recreational purposes, with standards and specifications aligning with the aspirations of residents and contributing to their happiness, thus meeting the varying needs and preferences of the community.
The Hackathon will be launched in November 2023. Being of a community nature, it will provide the people of Riyadh the opportunity to participate and propose unique designs for the selected space, in accordance with the specified data.
The municipality has clarified that the candidates eligible to participate in this hackathon include graphic and urban design designers, infrastructure engineers, specialists in environment and sustainability, entrepreneurs, innovators, researchers, and residents of the Riyadh region.
The municipality has specified a target area of 735,000 square meters for the design of the entertainment arena. The anticipated outcomes of this event include obtaining a modern design for a destination encompassing tourism, social, and entertainment elements in the city of Riyadh. This design will also set the standards for future developments in community squares.

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