Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi City Municipality, represented by the City Municipality Center, has enhanced the quality of life for residents and visitors by offering a variety of recreational and community sports options and organizing various events to bring happiness to the community. The recent " Our beaches are different " event,  is part of a series of events to utilize world-class recreational facilities, such as Corniche Beach in Abu Dhabi.
From May 31 to June 23, 2024, the event took place at Plaza Square on Corniche Beach in Abu Dhabi and drew in many attendees and participants. It fostered stronger community relations and allowed beachgoers and Plaza Square visitors to enjoy various entertainment and sports segments, competitions, games, and positive community interaction in a safe, healthy, and civilized environment.
The "Our Beaches Are Different" event successfully created a source of joy during the summer season and encouraged community participation in Abu Dhabi City. Community members were highly satisfied with the services provided by the Abu Dhabi City Municipality due to the diverse range of general and sports activities and competitions. These included protection programs, children's workshops (such as free drawing), various recreational games (like inflatables bouncers and electric car circuits), workshops on beach safety and the blue flag program, as well as awareness sessions on lifeguarding.
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