Abu Dhabi

In collaboration with the Abu Dhabi Sports Council – Special Olympic UAE, the Community Center in Mohammed bin Zayid city organizes a social initiative inside the special council regarding the importance of physical activity in benefiting the health of people of determination, that is to promote its’ role and social message which comes from its’ dedication towards the initiatives and events that pour into everybody’s interest.
The initiative has attracted numerous people from the city and guardians of people of determination such as people with intellectual challenges and autism, all in order to raise the awareness of those guardians to learn how to support their children who face those challenges, as well as get them acquainted and exchange experiences and views with each other in regard to everything that pours into the interest of that special group.
The initiative consisted of a lecture which raised awareness regarding correct and beneficial practices when it comes to the physical health of people of determination, as well as the importance of working together to support them. Additionally, the initiative helped locate the talents of people of determination in order to provide the needed support for the growth of their skills and to further integrate them with society.
It is important to note that the Community Center in Mohammed bin Zayid city works tirelessly to communicate with all groups and individuals in the city to recognize their needs and requirements, and It carefully considers the nature of its’ initiatives and events in order to benefit all people of all groups and interests.

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