Abu Dhabi

The Municipal Presence Center - Rabdan organized an initiative entitled “Rabdan Plants”, targeting school students in the city of Rabdan, with the aim of enhancing communication between generations and educating the younger generations about the importance of agriculture and afforestation, in cooperation with Rabdan School and a number of senior citizens in the city.
During the initiative, senior citizens provided many advice to school students to encourage them to practice positive activities, and to provide them with many basic knowledge related to agriculture, plants and trees that are suitable for cultivation and suit the nature of the weather in the Emirates.
Senior citizens worked to educate school students about the necessity of practicing agriculture and training in it, because of its importance in increasing the green area, enhancing sustainability standards, and preserving the clean, healthy environment that Abu Dhabi enjoys.
The initiative also included the participation of senior citizens, school students, and representatives of the Municipal Presence Center - Rabdan, in planting dozens of seedlings in various areas within the vicinity of Rabdan School, in order to train students practically in agricultural work and raise awareness of how to care for and preserve the seedlings until they become large trees that contribute to enhancing the aesthetic appearance of the area. It gives its users positive energy.

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