Abu Dhabi

In alignment with Emirati Women's Day, and to acknowledge the remarkable accomplishments and pivotal role of the "daughters of the UAE" in driving the nation's development and sustainable growth, Abu Dhabi City Municipality has arranged a variety of events for its female employees and women of the community in collaboration with multiple strategic partners.
Teaming up with the General Women's Union and the Family Development, Motherhood and Childhood Foundation, the Municipality, represented by Al Shahama Municipality Center, orchestrated numerous events for women and children at the Al Hawashem Council. This year's celebration was under the banner 
"natasharak lilghad"  We share for tomorrow".
The event encompassed a workshop celebrating the accomplishments of Emirati women, appreciating their pivotal role and substantial contributions towards the nation's growth and sustainability. A community market was also set up to support the projects of numerous productive families. Additionally, a ceremony was held to honor several senior Emirati women.
Furthermore, through the Support Services Sector - Human Resources Department, Abu Dhabi City Municipality arranged a special day for its female employees in the Innovation Hall in the municipality's main building. This celebration included various events, activities, and competitions to honor the women on Emirati Women's Day.
The day also featured a market for Emirati traders to support their projects. In addition, special services and offers were provided to the municipality's employees by strategic partners committed to spreading joy, aiming to bring smiles and happiness to the hearts of the female staff on this special day.

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