Abu Dhabi

Aiming to elevate community awareness about preserving the city's aesthetic integrity and public amenities, Abu Dhabi City Municipality, in collaboration with the Madinat Zayed Municipality Center, unveiled an educational initiative at Rabdan Park titled "Our Gardens are Paradises, Let's Preserve Them." This initiative was made possible through partnerships with the Agriculture Authority - Abu Dhabi, along with numerous agricultural firms and educational institutions in Madinat Zayed.
The initiative's primary objective is to instill among Rabdan Park visitors and local residents the significance of an active communal role in upholding the city's visual appeal and minimizing visual disruptions. It also emphasizes the judicious utilization of park amenities designed for the community's well-being and joy.
A highlight of the initiative was an informative workshop, shedding light on the crucial role of maintaining gardens, their equipment, recreational zones, and ornamental plantings. Ensuring these spaces remain vibrant and functional offers everyone an opportunity to revel in a secure and healthful atmosphere. Additionally, an interactive session, where participants planted saplings in designated garden spots, was organized to enhance the park's green cover.
Complementing the initiative, municipality representatives reached out to several Rabdan locals enthusiastic about nurturing their private gardens. They distributed agricultural saplings among community members, fostering a spirit of agricultural commitment and promoting natural aesthetic elements, ultimately preserving the city's visual allure and ensuring a pristine environment.

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