Abu Dhabi City Municipality (ADM), represented by the City Municipal Center, held an online awareness workshop for school students under the rubric "Young Inspector" in cooperation with Al Nahda National Schools-Boys. The workshop aims to promote the culture of preserving the city's appearance among the students, enhancing their values, and combating negative behaviors.  This training comes as a part of ADM's ongoing efforts to maintain the city's general appearance.
The workshop attended online by 30 students for an hour. It has witnessed significant interaction, positive and constructive responses, and discussions from the students who were asked about the content presented during the workshop.
The students expressed their keenness to convey the knowledge they have learned during the workshop to their colleagues who have not had the opportunity to participate in the workshop.
During the workshop, the students have been aware of ADM's role and duties in preserving the city's aesthetic appearance and working to limit violations that distort the city's public appearance. The students also get acquainted with the role of municipal inspectors in preserving the public appearance and how to report any distortions.
The workshop dealt with several topics that contribute to preserving the general appearance, including complying with the precautions of safety for passers-by and the surrounding buildings during construction and demolition works in construction sites and avoiding the negligence of building to the extent that it distorts the public appearance.
The workshop also took up the positive effects for throwing wastes in the designated areas on the public appearance, providing maintenance for vehicles shades, not neglecting vehicles in a manner that distorts the public appearance, having a barbecue in public parks in the allocated places and complying with putting drying racks in certain places away from the balconies overlooking the highway or outside windows.
The students were urged not to waste water, whether in homes or public toilets. They were also briefed on preserving the public assets and the walls and not allowing writing on them and throwing any waste in the allocated bins.

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