Abu Dhabi City Municipality (ADM), through Al Shahamah municipality center, is implementing a project aiming to trim and improve the aesthetic appearance of more than 13,000 trees within the geographical scope of Al Shahamah municipality center.
This project comes from ADM's keenness to enhance the aesthetic, civilizational, and harmonious scene of streets and provide an environment that is compatible with the modern and developed infrastructure and overall aesthetic appearance. That enhances the key goal to delight society while providing maintenance and care to such trees and giving them a harmonious aesthetic appearance alongside the streets.
Al Shahamah municipality center stressed that the trimming of trees is increasingly growing, exceeding 80% in the majority of areas.
In detail, this project includes trimming trees from Seeh Shuaib bridge to Ghantoot bridge with a total of 954 trees; from Ghantoot bridge to Al Sadeira tunnel with a total of 2030 trees; from Al Sadeira tunnel to Al Sameeh tunnel with a total of 2114 trees; from Al Sameeh tunnel to Kizad with a total of 723 trees; from Kizad to Al Tawila bridge with a total of 442 trees, from Al Tawila bridge to Al Ajban bridge with a total of 964 trees; Abu Dhabi-Dubai Road with a total of 1992 trees; Abu Dhabi - Sweihan Road with a total of 1933 trees; and Mafraq - Dubai Road with a total of 2104 trees.
The tree trimming coincides with the provision of maintenance and full care of trees, and the rehabilitation of irrigation systems that ensure the sustainability of this green area alongside the streets and roads, giving it an aesthetic appearance that relaxes viewers and promotes the sustainable environmental values.

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