The Municipality of Abu Dhabi City affiliated to the Department of Municipalities and Transport encourages all its employees to participate in the challenge of digital learning through the platform affiliated to the Abu Dhabi Government Academy (Coursera), which more than 1886 employees of the municipality have registered to date, to fit the goals of the digital transformation strategy adopted by the municipality and the Emirate of Abu Dhabi generally.

Participation in the challenge aims to set the bases of a culture of self-learning and to encourage the municipality employees to invest technology in enhancing their personal skills and competencies, and to provide the modern educational opportunities that contribute to developing their career performance in an optimal way, and to get the necessary skills to deal with the requirements of the future, as well as the abilities to achieve the goals of the digital transformation, providing employees with the necessary skills and tools to upgrade their professional competencies.

The Municipality of Abu Dhabi City drives all its employees to participate in the challenge of digital learning according to their category in the following fields: business management skills, technology skills, and data skills, during the period of the challenge 3 months from April to June 2020, to win an award under the government level.

All municipality employees can register to join the challenge by communicating with the Ambassador of Coursera Platform in the Municipality of Abu Dhabi City to register on the platform and participate in data science courses, technology courses, and business management courses.

It should be noted that the digital learning challenge was launched as part of the "digital month" initiative of the Abu Dhabi government to contribute to building employee skills in the sectors of data science, business management, and technology from the best universities and learning institutions in the world.

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