Al Ain City Municipality was established in 1967. it is one of the institutions that operate under the umbrella of the Department of Municipalities and Transport. It provides municipal services in the city of Al Ain through coordination with the relevant authorities regarding the urban development plans for the city, the application of building specifications regulations and procedures issued by the competent authorities applied in the emirate, the issuance of building permits, monitoring the implementation of projects and the application of regulations related to the appearance of the city and maintaining its cleanliness and attractiveness. Al Ain City Municipality designs and provides maintenance and regular operations for road and parks infrastructure. As well as for green spaces and other public service facilities in the city.
The municipality adopts the culture and system of innovation, attracting local and foreign investment, enhancing the role of the private sector, and building the capacity to manage emergencies and crises and business continuity.
Al Ain City Municipality works to improve and facilitate government services and procedures and integrated planning to meet the growth and sustainability requirements of the regions. The Municipality continuously aims to develop and improve ICT opportunities as well as the implementation of the occupational safety and health system. Al Ain City Municipality and its strategic partners develop and promote events and festivals. While developing human capital and implementing projects with high operational and financial efficiency.

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