An emirate with an integrated and sustainable urban development and distinct municipal services for the welfare and happiness of the community.


Supporting the urban growth and development within the emirate by directing, organizing and monitoring the work of urban development as well as upgrading municipal services methods to provide an excellent level of services and create decent living conditions for all the residents of the emirate


Prospective: Our ability to predict, explore or perceive the future and work to change it in a creative way to bring about a paradigm shift in line with the expectations and aspirations of stakeholders and achieve their satisfaction.


Innovation: we develop the spirit of entrepreneurship, innovation and excellence in all our businesses, projects and services provided to our customers.


Transparency: We make it clear that all decisions, policies, tasks and procedures, data, information and knowledge are publicized and comprehensible to all concerned.


Participation: We work within a team spirit through practicing the teamwork methods as well as having an active engagement with all internal and external stakeholders.


Empowering: Empowering employees by developing their competencies and skills, granting powers and providing developed systems, motivating them, enhancing their confidence and decision-making ability, ensuring their contribution to the achievement of the municipal goal.


Positivity: Establishing an atmosphere of happiness and positivity within the work environment as a strong approach to working methods using our systems, policies, initiatives and services. This is achieved by harnessing all the possibilities and energies to achieve customers and the community's satisfaction.


Productivity: The ability of municipal employees to improve the quality of work by harnessing all their skills and competencies to accomplish tasks, work and services efficiently and effectively in order to achieve the satisfaction of those concerned.

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