Urban development and integrated transportation that enhance quality of life.


Regulate develop, and manage urban growth and transport, for the prosperity and happiness of the community, by ensuring an integrated and sustainable approach to pioneering and smart infrastructure, facilities and services.


Future Shaping: The ability to predict and build a sustainable future based on systematic and innovative planning, through the use of the latest tools and theories to study and analyze future directions to discover future opportunities and challenges in all sectors of the department and its subsidiaries, and to draw scenarios and proactive plans for them, which aim to make decisions and draw strategies for a better, promising and sustainable future in early time.


Innovation: Creating new solutions in all fields through developing a set of new legislations and specialized strategies, building specialized national capabilities, building global research partnerships, changing the work system towards more innovation, proposing ideas, experiences, laboratories and innovative initiatives and applying the accelerators mechanism to advance the innovation system and consolidate it in the region.


Transparency: Publicity and complete clarity in making and sharing decisions, publishing, circulating and exchanging plans, policies, legislations, instructions and administrative practices followed by the entity and providing all the necessary information and knowledge for employees, customers and the concerned authorities through various means and channels, which contributes to the ease of making correct, accurate and clear decisions and increases the confidence of employees, customers and entities in the entity and strengthens regulations, integrity and anti-corruption.


Participation: Providing the opportunity for employees and customers, encouraging them, and motivating them to participate in making decisions, setting goals, and sharing information, knowledge and experiences, and achieving accomplishments with their officials and employees, which contributes to establishing a sense of appreciation and pride among employees and enhancing their loyalty to the entity by contributing and active participation existing between the various job levels.


Empowerment: Delegating employees and granting them the power or authority, powers, and resources to enable them to perform their tasks and develop their skills and competencies, by motivating them and involving them in decision-making in the entity and enhancing their role in the work teams, guidance and leadership and providing means, and supportive and supportive tools for them which contribute to increasing their efficiency and job effectiveness.


Positivity: Stimulating energy, igniting vigor and happiness, which increases ambition to exert effort efficiently and effectively, investing time and resources and seizing opportunities, which leads to the employee being distinguished in his performance, making constructive decisions, planning and solving problems positively, achieve the desired goals and upgrade the work system.


Productivity: Working to improve and raise the efficiency of work and the continuity of its development through providing all resources and capabilities, clarity of directions, strategies and plans, improving operations, procedures, administrative frameworks, manuals and methodologies, and providing the appropriate incentive environment that leads to employee satisfaction and thus leads to higher productivity, lower costs, and rationalization of resources in the entity.

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