Al Ain City Municipality is implementing the social responsibility pillars that were approved in the second version of the Department and Municipalities' Social Responsibility Policy 2019, which includes four main pillars:
1- Society: adopting a comprehensive approach that ensures the achievement of sustainable development and enhances the quality of life in the Emirate and the establishment of a sustainable urban environment with the best levels of security, environment, health and safety. Through this pillar, the Department and the Municipalities affirm their commitment to developing sponsorship programs to support many humanitarian issues and open meetings to learn about issues of direct concern to society and to explore future needs and aspirations.
Al Ain City Municipality adheres to a number of standards, the most important of which are:
• Contribute to providing job opportunities for community members within an approved employment plan.
• Commitment to providing distinguished services through developing services and transforming them into electronic and smart services, which facilitate all customers to obtain the best services.
• Working to support social and charitable programs and projects that benefit the community and to ensure the community's involvement in these programs and initiatives through a number of communication channels, the most important of which are visits to community councils and population meetings.
2- Environment, Health and Safety: The Department and the Municipalities are committed to achieving sustainable development, protecting the environment, achieving a safe and healthy work environment for employees in the workplace and customers in Al Ain municipality facilities, spreading environmental awareness related to the municipality’s tasks, promoting a culture of environmental protection and benefiting from the best practices in this field.
Al Ain City Municipality adheres to a number of standards, the most important of which are:
• Determining and evaluating the environmental dimensions and risks arising from the municipality's activities and their impact on the surrounding local environment, and setting proactive plans to reduce these effects to improve the quality of various environmental life.
• Adopting the best international practices contained in the sustainability initiative and building codes approved in the construction sector, which contributes to reducing energy and water consumption and enhancing health, safety and security levels for the population.
• Applying international standards related to social responsibility and preserving the environment, health and safety, including but not limited to Environmental Management System 14001 and Health and Safety Management System 45001.

3- Employees (members of Al Ain City Municipality): The department and municipalities are committed to providing equality in job opportunities, training, professional development, reward and promotion without regard to age, gender, social status or special needs. They are also committed to continuing to implement the Emiratisation policy and to promote a culture of excellence in job performance.
Al Ain City Municipality adheres to a number of standards, the most important of which are:
• Securing a healthy and safe work environment that achieves the welfare of employees
• Establishing a work mechanism that enables employees to participate effectively in the development and advancement of municipal work
Providing a stimulating work environment that helps creativity and enhances the efficiency and productivity of employees
• Opening the way for employees to exchange knowledge and participate in social and sports activities to enhance community interaction and communication among them

4- Partners (stakeholders from governmental and semi-governmental agencies): the department and municipalities are committed to coordinating with partners to achieve sustainable development in infrastructure projects and other projects that they implement or supervise in the Emirate. They are also committed, through cooperation with partners, to establishing a sustainable urban environment full of vital residential communities. Parks, recreational and service facilities that provide a safe and comfortable living environment.
Al Ain City Municipality is committed to a number of standards, the most important of which are:
• Dealing according to a common basis of social responsibility with all local companies and encouraging them, and providing the necessary support to carry out their social responsibility towards the environment and society.
• Preparing a mechanism to involve the private sector with the department and municipalities in social responsibility initiatives.
• Commitment to select suppliers and partners based on their commitment to social responsibility policies and community activities and their implementation of related programs.
• Fairness, integrity, honesty, transparency and disclosure in dealing with suppliers and partners, and a commitment to protect their intellectual property rights.

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