Ali Khalifa Al Qamzy

General Manager, of Al-Ain City Municipality

One of our most important objectives of Al Ain City Municipality is to communicate with you in all possible ways, because you are partners with us in the development of Al Ain city, and because we care to share with you all about the new things in the field of our projects, services and achievements. We are all here together.

With the rapid phase of development and progress in all areas, we must keep up with this by being presence in all available channels of communication. Through our website, we aim to provide the general information and the most prominent news, we facilitate access to the services that we provide to you and get you acquainted with the aspect of investment while open up to you areas of creativity and innovation among us. Through one main channel that is varied and comprehensive that gathers everything you need.

It was important to create this website in a way that keeps pace with the times and satisfies your aspirations as guests and visitors of our page. Welcome to our website of Al Ain Municipality and wishing you a pleasure surveying. Thank you for your communication with us.

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