What is Geophysical Site Survey?

Geophysics is one of the earth sciences disciplines, it deals with the variation of physical properties of subsurface layered rock, example magnetization, electrical resistivity, gravitation and others parameters.

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What is the purpose of Geophysical Site Survey?

Study the ground truth of the near surface layers in the site to a depth up to 30 meters:

. understand the underground lithology
. locate cavities and weak zones under the study area
. determine the specifications of cavities; depth, shape and present them in a 3D presentation
. detect Falaj’s if existed
. Detect the groundwater in the study area


Which type of projects that require Geophysical Site Survey?

All projects require the geophysical survey except private houses, where it will be conducted before the land distribution

At which stage the Geophysical Site Survey is required?

It should be done before construction starts

What are the requirements to perform a Geophysical Site Survey?

NOC from the Department of Culture & Tourism, Al Ain Office

Soil investigation work permission

Follow the approved AAM templates regarding the proposal/final reports

Is there a list of accredited Geophysical services companies?

Yes. To obtain a copy of the list, contact the Geophysical Team unit, Al-Ain City Municipality through the email:


What is the required depth of investigation during the Site survey?

30 meters below the earth’s surface

The time-frame for implementing and approving the Geophysical Site Survey?

It depends on the project size/area and the Geophysical services company performing the project

What is the approximate cost for the Geophysical Site Survey?

It depends on the project size/area and the Geophysical services company price-list

Is there any exemption from implementing the Geophysical Site Survey?

At present the temporary Mosque and shops are exempted

Does the Geotechnical Study substitute the Geophysical Site Survey?

No. it is considered as complementary method

What are the steps of reviewing and approving the Geophysical Site Survey?

For more details, consult the below link:

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