The Public Health Administration of Al Ain City Municipality has successfully completed a series of inspections and field visits, issuing numerous violations for non-food establishments and markets in Al Ain.
The Public Health Administration focuses on ensuring that non-food establishments and markets comply with health, safety, and occupational standards. The administration also aims to educate individuals and business owners about the importance of these standards to create a healthy and safe environment for the community.
During the first quarter of 2024, the administration conducted 11,722 inspections and field visits across 5,709 commercial establishments, including beauty salons, technical workshops, gaming halls, and laundries. These inspections resulted in 587 violations and over 1,000 warnings for non-compliance with health standards. Additionally, the administration carried out 794 awareness visits, which led to increased compliance among these establishments.
The statistics also reflect activities in the Al Ain Central Livestock Market, with 126,744 animals received, including 28,364 pets and ornamental birds. The municipality issued 1,172 health certificates for the livestock market.
The administration also conducted 150 inspection and awareness campaigns in the livestock market and pet shops, focusing on the proper care of livestock, birds, and pets in homes and residential areas.
In its efforts to maintain public health and prevent zoonotic diseases, the administration carried out 132 proactive service campaigns to control stray and roaming animals in vital areas, parks, and recreational spots in Al Ain. These campaigns resulted in the capture of 91 animals, which were sent to municipal animal shelters. In response to 3,226 animal control service requests, the administration captured 1,440 stray and roaming animals. Moreover, the municipal slaughterhouses in Al Ain received 101,470 animals for slaughter in the first quarter, issuing 2,177 health certificates.
The inspection teams from Al Ain City Municipality also conducted operations across various parts of the city, including inspections of public drinking water coolers, water tanks, swimming pools, and public and modern automated toilets. Additionally, regular inspection campaigns were carried out in the fish, vegetable, and meat markets to maintain public health and ensure a safe environment for the community in Al Ain.
These extensive efforts by the Public Health Administration highlight the municipality's commitment to safeguarding public health and promoting a healthy and safe living environment in Al Ain.

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