The Municipality of Al Ain has completed maintenance and replacement works for approximately 22,000 traditional lighting poles and fixtures in the main roads and residential neighborhoods of Al Ain city during the year 2022, as part of the municipality's plan to improve the road lighting network and enhance its sustainability.
The maintenance works included the traditional lighting fixtures for over 17,000 lighting poles, along with the replacement and maintenance of 337 lighting poles to enhance the efficiency of lighting assets, increase security and safety levels along roads, and improve the overall appearance of the city. Additionally, the completed works included maintenance of other main network elements such as control panels and electrical cables to ensure the continuity of operational services along roads and within residential neighborhoods in the city.
The municipality has also replaced more than 4,000 traditional lighting fixtures with energy-efficient and environmentally friendly alternatives in five areas in the western sector of the city.
One of the outcomes and achievements of the completed maintenance work on lighting is the attainment of a 100% resolution and closure rate for lighting-related cases and reports received from various sources and monitoring systems, both external and internal. This has contributed to improving the efficiency of the existing networks and increasing the satisfaction of customers and road users. Through the system for connecting and monitoring road lighting control panels at the Municipality of Al Ain City, all instances of power outages and electrical cable faults are detected and addressed proactively.
A total of 42,000 lighting fixtures have been replaced during the past five years, which has contributed to reducing the operational cost of road lighting. This has been done in accordance with a comprehensive and well-studied plan to develop road lighting networks.

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